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    Why isn't SPHE a test subject? MysticManiac

    If CSPE is a test subject why can't SPHE be? In my opinion, SPHE is a more important subject which teaches you about eating healthily, relationships, sex and puberty, exercising, pregnancy and so much more. What does everybody else think?

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      HI MysticManiac. It's a fair point you make. I think the idea of the SPHE course is to move away from exam learning and let students discuss things like relationships, drugs etc. without feeling the pressure of remembering facts.

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      I think the SPHE test could be different from that. It wouldn't be a very hard test and short answers would be all that's needed in the SPHE test answers. As well as that, it could be optional to do this subject as a test subject, but still mandatory to attend the class

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      In a sense SPHE is already an exam subject considering ever point you have listed is covered in Home Ec

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      I think it should be an exam subject it's a kind of modern subject where you discuss life and most people really enjoy it.

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      I suppose most of it is your own thoughts, feelings and opinions and therefore theres no correct answers? Theres not much material to test on (quote what our RE teacher said)

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      Not necessarily all schools have this subject set as an optional subject. It could be that SPHE doesn't really help in our future life, it is more about our present life and how to keep ourselves in school and how to deal with getting bullied. Obviously we won't get bullied when we are doing our jobs.

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      It is more of a life lesson than a school subject

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