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Tips for jc art project? (sorry I don't know where to post this)
roro123 Junior Cert SPHE — 04/10/16 4

So I was just wondering if anyone has any tips for the JC art project? How to achieve the best grade possible? Also, do your projects just have to be based on the overall theme you choose or do they have to be based on a more concise topic within that theme? (I mean like, one of the topics is "I'd like to be able to do that", so would you have to do all your work on one thing you'd like to be able to do, or could you do a variety of things?). Finally, could someone explain the marking scheme and also what they mean by marks for development? Any tips are appreciated!!!

JCScenes — 03/10/16
Hiya, I just reviewed the new theme with for this year. I done my JC last year and I got an A in Art. I won't lie to you, it's tough. Don't slack off, keep working and get everything done on time if possible!! It can take over your time!! Each year there should be a theme that can be suited to anything you would like to do. This year, I would say it's the theme "On my way home from school". This is open to interpretation. You can wander off into any tangent you like. "On my way home from school, I was looking at flowers... I was looking at the cars.... nature.... thinking about cartoons... thinking about America, Africa, Asia and so on. Literally anything you want to do for this project is up to you. You choose what you want. You're not confined to these themes. Rush off into tangents. The examiners like that. They enjoy seeing how you interpret the theme. Moving on, the marking scheme for Art is extremely hard. You do a prep sheet for your 2D along with support studies, your finished 2D piece, your prep sheet for 3D, your finished 3D, your prep sheet for your option, your support studies for option and 3D together and your finished option. This adds up to 300. 100 for each section. Then of course you have the drawing exams in May that are 100 marks. This leaves us at 400 marks in total. To get an A grade, you will need around 340 marks, which is very achievable if work is done. The idea of development is the most important aspect of your project especially at HL. The examiner wants to see how you started and the journey each part of your project took to get to the end product. This is the most important part of the project. You can have the worst drawings ever and still get an A just for developing it. That said, put time into your drawings!! They are important. Each prep sheet should have about 10-15 drawings showing how your piece has grown. They can be colourful and vibrant or dull and dim. It's up to you!! Work with your interests. You don't want to reach January and say "ugh I hate this" make sure you have an appreciation and interest in what you're doing for your project. Don't do animals if you hate animals!! However, you will certainly end up being sick of it come April I'm telling you. Let that wait until April. If you want to really show off, use different fabrics etc. Think outside the box. Be smart! Jewels, glitter, play doh, parts of clothes, anything!! They love seeing that! Make it stand out above the rest!! To answer your question furtherly, you can sure go off and change the basis of your protect especially with theme 2! You could have seen a lot of things when you were walking home from school, mYbe flowers as your painting and then cars for your 3D piece?? Look, be creative and imaginative!! Think for yourself, how can you amaze the examiner?
roro123 — 04/10/16
Thank you so much!!!You're advice is really helpful @JCScences. So for development, is it showing how your pictures develop throughout the prep sheet, or showing how you develop your ideas from your prep sheet onto your painting?
JCScenes — 04/10/16
Well, for example if you start with a character standing on a street with a building beside him and you move to having another character and a couple of buildings, that's development and this must be shown on your prep sheet. Obviously, more detail is required!
roro123 — 04/10/16
Thank you!!!!!
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