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    Density of Apple? Laire

    Did anyone get the density of apple question? It was number 8

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      the expiriment?

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      Yeah. It was like, you get the mass (weight) by putting it on an electric balance. You get the volume by putting water in a graduated cylinder, putting the apple in and calculating the difference. Then, you get the Density by using the formula Mass/Volume

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      That's what I had done but some people were saying the whole point of the passage above was stating that apples floated in water

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      Apples do float in water but if you gently push the apple down into the water so that it is fully submerged then you can find the volume of water displaced (apples's volume). You get the mass on a mass balance and then as Mystic Maniac described you get density by Mass/Volume.

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      Would you lose marks for not stating that you push the apple down?

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      It's difficult to say. It depends if they expect you to know that apples float. If so you would lose marks for not saying you must submerge the apple (otherwise you would not be measuring the apple's volume correctly)

      It would likely only be 3 marks lost so do not worry about it.

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      well the question beforehand was "Why do the apples float in the water?" so they'd expect you to know that apples float.

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      They float because they have a smaller density than water.

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