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    JC Science Pamela.Harding

    Anyone got any tips for studying....physics in particular.... (apart from practicing past exam questions)???? Only starting to be taught physics in school for the first time in the past few weeks..... so any ideas on how to learn physics well would be appreciated. I have made my own notes and have done past exam questions but still feel I don't know physics well enough!!! Please help

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      Physics is hard to understand on JC level because it does't explain anything in detail.So you can either :1.Simply learn off all the rules and formula or 2. go online and learn everything in more detail so you understand how everything works. (option 2 is reccomended if you are picking physics for LC)

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      Most physics topics will have a formula which is often asked in exam questions. Often you will then be required to work out a simple problem using the formula. So know your formulas! and go through past exam questions on studyclix!

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      In my school science book, it doesn't explain the meanings of physic terms accurately, but the teachers would be able to explain them better. Ask your teacher

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