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    Science course for JC not done Onedirection:)

    We dont have the course done and still have 6 chapters left in physics,I dont understand any of it and have tried to teach it to myself but its too hard.Im considering dropping to pass but I think I would be well able to do honours if our teacher actually done the course and it really annoys me!Any advice or websites to help me with physics?!

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      oleg kuvsincikov

      jc physics is bad coz they dont explain anything in detail. you have two options:learnit of by heart ( you dont have to understand it just learn it of) or you can search in google cpecific things yu dont understand. It will be more complicated but you can understand it in more details if you get the gist of it. If i understood your quiestion wrong or those anwsers dont work just tell me. ill be able to help. :)

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      Hey thanks Il just learn it off i think:) You seem like you know science well tell me whats the difference between a compound and molecule ?

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      i only no 1. a compound is 2 or more elements chemically combined. hope i can help

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      Personally, if I was in your situation, I'd do all the physic sections in the exam papers using my book, then correct them using the marking scheme in an attempt to learn them

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      Thanks ive started doing that and its really helpfuland predictable :)

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      Just read key points at the end of every chapter or use the revise wise science book! Its fairly handy 4 learning the basics!

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      Use and watch the science lessons! i am in the same predicament as you but these do help! :)

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      A compound is 2 or more elements chemically bonded together

      A molecule is 2 or more atoms chemically bonded together

      An element is something that is made up of atoms.

      Hope this helps

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