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Anyone know any topics I should focus on!??????!

HamedahSafi — 15/06/16
work, power and energy, uses an effects of electricity, heat, light, sound, atmosphere, acid and bases, metals, atom separating mixtures, ecology, plants, reproductive system, skeleton comes up nearly every year. I think you should focus on these.
anonymous1234 — 15/06/16
I felt the same doing mine, but don't worry. I did an excellent project that I put hours of work into. And I competed my paper and project trí Gaeilge. The Irish guaranteed me nearly 10% before started at all. As well as the mark from the project and exam copy. And the paper was an absolute disaster, and I still got a B. So don't lose hope just yet:-)
Beachy123 — 15/06/16
Does it matter our teacher didn't collect our expt copies?
clark13 — 15/06/16
the expt. copies and coursework b together account for 25%
DonaldTrump — 15/06/16
@Beachy123 When you were doing Coursework B did you tick off the list of experiments? That's all you need to do to get the 10%. Our teacher didn't take up our copies either.
Beachy123 — 15/06/16
Yes I did hahha 'D
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