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    Christmas exam nms2001

    I got 9 As in my Xmas exams and 1 b (science) 84 percent I was wondering does anyone have any tips as to improve my grade I have practised nearly every question in the exam papers

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      I know all definitions off by heart also

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      I just read over most of my nots for 30 minutes each night every night and I learned it all. There's some resources on here that work also :)

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      No need to brag. Hope this helps:)......

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      Does your teacher not add 10% for your experiment copy

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      all you can do is revise over and over again everything that could come up as they all are broad courses with many questions able to asked. keep practising the exam questions and look online to find sample papers

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      No my teacher doesn't I don't know why though @aniboh:) thanks for the advice @granners and @aoife_gethings :)

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      yes my teacher does @aniboh

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