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    Coursework B 2015/2016 Sarah2014

    I don't know what does the biology experiment about the increase of exercise on the heart is about. what exactly is this experiment suppose to show? thanks

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      basically similar to experiment for heart rate and breathing in the biology course. it is to show that through exercise the heart rate/pulse increases. you take rate first and after exercise. very nice experiment.

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      ok thanks so much. I did it in school and I counted my pulse rate and it was in the high 100s. my teacher says im not doing it right. do you know what im doing wrong?

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      it depends on where you are taking your pulse. if it is your wrist make sure you use you index and middle finger. count for a minute - get someone else to time you so you can concentrate and not try to watch the clock. get your average of 3.

      you could just naturally have a high pulse rate but the rate is faster in young children, athletes and sometimes women.

      ask your teacher to take it too or a parent.

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      thank you very much :)

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      Sorry, TrionaM, but NEVER take your pulse for a minute, as in the course of that minute the rate will change. Always take it for 15 seconds and then times by 4.

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      @bridgetown1 It's easier and probably more accurate to take it for 6 seconds then multiply by 10.

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      For the Physics, pendulum experiment, Do you know of any good sites or books for the background research?

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      Sorry I did the Chemistry. but it is in the leaving cert book I think and you can always youtube it for examples- but explain how you adapted it if you did.

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