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Guide on how to get an A in Science

Hi guys, I wrote a guide on how to get an A in Science, if anyone hasn't already checked it out, you can see it by following the link below :) https://www.studyclix.ie/Blog/Show/how-i-got-an-a-in-junior-cert-science Share some of your own advice below if you have any good tips for studying Science! Eimear

Eloisecoryell — 25/05/16
im only in second year but i find that if there is a cd/dvd that comes with the book it helps to watch the dvd and then wright up the experiment (apparatus, procedure ,results etc.) i find that it gives you a better understanding of the experiment and the subject
Cathal_8908 — 25/05/16
Learn experiments, if you're not good at learning the details of these experiments then try to learn the chemicals at least :) Try to learn definitions and properties also, these regularly come up.
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