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any predictions stuff that comes up every year please guys i'm actually desperate !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan_Mulvaney — 15/06/16
BIOLOGY Micro biology + Biotechnology Structure + Transport in plants Reproductive system Respiration system + Breathing Digestion + Enzymes Plant responses + photosynthesis CHEMISTRY Elements Compounds and Mixtures Periodic table Plastics Acids and bases Metals and non-metals Chem bonding Oxygen and atmosphere PHYSICS Sound Magnetism Uses and effects of electricity Heat Moments levers and centre of gravity Force Electronics This is what my teacher gave us. He usually right, but don't count on it
eddyc05 — 15/06/16
More than likely Science will come up but that cant be guaranteed
kxzmalhi — 19/08/16
Jordan117 — 21/08/16
look at the exam papers a variation of those will come up
John_8647 — 02/09/16
call down
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