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by jcjc Junior Cert Science Revised Syllabus — 14/06/16 4

What experiments are most likely to come up this year?

JCScenes — 03/06/16
The experiments are very repetitive. Anything that came up from past years should come up. For example, on my mock, the physics experiment was "sound needs a medium to travel" which hasn't come up in like 7 years so it's likely, same goes for biology and chemistry
Emmanuela7485 — 04/06/16
so since 'sound needs a medium' hasn't come up in the past 7 years do you reckon it will come up this year and what experiments do you predict will come up this year
needhelp101 — 14/06/16
I would also like to know.
Beachy123 — 14/06/16
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