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    How long should I spend studying ronanmurray

    Does anyone have any advice on how long I should spend studyin each subject

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      what year are u in

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      how many subjects do u do

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      I'm in 3rd year and I do 10 subjects. So how many hours a day?

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      At the moment I have a plan to do 1 hour 30 mins every day but I'm not sure if this is too much or too little

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      Is it for the mocks?

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      No study needed. Just guess all the answers!

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      A month before the mocks, if you're aiming to get all As, you should be studying-every night- between 2 to 3 hours, not just writing notes but actually learning. The day before the exam you should not be doing any revision or learning or any kind, you should just be skimming through your notes. So, for now about 2-3 hours is alright :)

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      Well it is for the mocks. But I'm not really aiming for all As. Thanks anyway

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