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    how to get an A in higher level science ? gearoidl2

    does anybody know what topics are going to come up in the 2015 science higher level paper ?

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      Physics,biology and chemestry

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      My teacher said something about an anniversary of crystalisation so something might come up on that. I don't know about anything else though.

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      Btw @Handiman, if you are going to even try and be smart about something like this then I suggest that you go and learn the proper way to spell chemistry.

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      Pick a topic that features regularly on the papers (i.e. Biology- Food/enzymes, human reproduction, plant struture & reproduction etc. Chemistry- Water, Metals, Acids & Bases & the 3 gases, Physics- Electricity, Heat, Light) & do ALL exam papers questions on that topic, check your answers & tick it of your list as revised. Other websites such as, biology4kids, chem4kids etc are all great resources.

      Best of luck

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      well done @cathyR handiman cant even spell so why is he acting smart when this person is obviously asking a question

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      Hahaha, well played @handiman

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      It's all in the project 💪 If you did a good project you'll be fine because the exam is just fill in the blanks and since the whole science exam and project is 600 marks you can lose 90 marks and still get an A. With regards to the exam I think if you know and understand the key experiments eg Gases , food , etc. then science will be simple. The key is to actually understand the principles instead of just learning them off . If you don't know a topic just watch a video about it on YouTube , it is a lot nicer than reading pages of notes 😄 All the best to all of you .

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      Guys someone answer ! If you get full marks in the course work, and only get 5% in the written will you pass the exam ? Or do you need to pass in order to get the coursework percentage ???

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      no... If you get full marks in the coursework (35%) than if you get 5% in the real thing, you will pass, but don't aim for doing that, always aim for an A

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      Yeah of course I won't do that :o just takes pressure off to know that I need very little to pass but I am fairly well prepared :) hopefully I'll get an a or a b :) best of luck in your exams :)

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      Thanx you too.

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