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    How to prepare for Christmas Exams in 1st year June2016

    Hi there,

    I am in 1st year and I just want some advice on how to study for Christmas Exams? Thanks

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      In first year, I started to study about a month before hand. Every night once I had done my homework and studied for tests, I would pick 1 or 2 subjects and study a few chapters from them by writing notes, and at the weekends each day I would pick about 4 subjects and do the same. I did only a little bit of study for the first week and built it up until I was doing a fair amount of study right before the exams. I tried to have gone over each chapter 2 or 3 times before the exams, less if I was confident in the chapter and more if I wasn't. Hope this helps!!

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      Specifically for science, make sure to learn the experiments and know the definitions!

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      Hi roro123,

      Thanks so much for the advice! Are they hard?(I know it's depending on what school) thanks 😀

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      And were you satisfied with your end result as how you studied?(near enough to an A/B)thanks

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      Hi! 1st year christmas exams aren't too hard, but they're hard as they are your first exams! The amount of study you need to do is different for everyone, but with that amount of study I got nearly all A's :) If you're worried, over midterm you could pick a few subjects to just read over :)

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      Thanks for you reply and advice :) and yes I have started studying yesterday using the Studyclix study plan and your advice.I went onto the Edco Less Stress More Sucess quiz to find out what type of learner I am! I am a Visual Verbal learner. Unfortunately I can't attach the screenshot.

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      Cool! Everyone learns differently but I did the test and got visual learner too :)

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      Qwertyuiop poo

      I don't mean to brag or anything, but I got an 'A' in science for my Christmas exams and I didn't even study. I'm just a science expert I guess😎

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      It also could've been because those test were extremely easy☺

      Just saying, don't worry about them.

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      Honestly the less you work yourself up about them on the day the better you do. Get an early night and wake up with time to spare to get in on time and just don't panic. If you panic you'll blank. Just enjoy them!!! they only get harder

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      Hi Eoghan_15, +Wallace_eve01

      Thanks for all the advice!😂

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      Lina Kassouri

      I am in first year, and in my school we have november tests i had them, one tip THEY ARE SO EASY IF YOU STUDY THE CHAPTER IN THE BOOK all you got to do :)

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      Hi June, you have plenty of time to study so don't worry. I recommend studying one or two chapters a day from now until the exams, write notes on them and practice question and you will get great results!

      Good luck :)

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      It's not gonna be that hard ,depends on what you have learned and in what school you are but you're gonna do great if u start studying

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      Hi Lina,Vilau and Tara

      Thanks for all the advice. 😂


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      Read over what you've done in class. Take down keywords, preferably in a mindmap style and then answer questions on studyclix. Any question you didn't know the answer to, take the answer down from the marking scheme on a piece of paper and then add them into your notes/mindmap. Works for me! This is what I do for all my tests and once I have a chapter done, I keep it in a big folder and go over it again the night before any other tests. I currently have a huge folder with almost every chapter for my junior cert. It means that all I have to do for my tests are just look over the mindmaps and then do questions on Studyclix.

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      Hi Aisling !

      Thanks for all the tips , yeah I have been doing notes and mind maps for each chapter in a subject and put them into a folder. It has been really helpful. I don't have the Studyclix Plus account yet but for now I am just doing questions from past papers (Edco) and every now and then my teacher gives questions from Studyclix. I think when I am in about third year ,I could get it. Do you think just using past papers is okay for now?

      Good luck in your Mocks!(if your in 3rd yr)


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      **Aisling (sorry😂😂

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