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    I failed.. naxmax9

    I failed higher level. Now, what? Do I do ordinary? I really don't want to. Most of them exam was chemistry and I'm so weak at chemistry ;(

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      my teacher said that a 35% and over is good for higher lvl and theres no need to drop down to OL, because in the jc, you already have 35% ( Lab experiments 10% & 2 Investigations in 3rd yr = 25% ) before starting your exam so you basically can pass the exam. If you're struggling with higher level, drop down but theres not a huge difference between the 2 lvls. I have gotten 35%, 47%, 42% & 49% in my xmas / summer exams and im in higher lvl

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      U know someone will be jobless when they send the same insult into every discussion...cough Qwertyuiop cough cough....

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      Stick at it and see how you do with the pre-exams, that will tell you all you need to know

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