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Is it worth knowing the experiments?

is it worth knowing the experiments or am i wasting time looking over them ? are they a big percentage of the marks and if i should know them any ones the always come up?

SryanBruen — 02/06/16
Yes it is worth learning them particularly - Starch in plants by photosynthesis - Prepare a sample of oxygen gas - Prepare a sample of carbon dioxide gas
adammmm32 — 02/06/16
do many marks go for them?
SryanBruen — 02/06/16
It shows the mark for each question on your exam? I will create a paper consisting of experiment questions only if you want.
adammmm32 — 02/06/16
yeah ino it shows the marks but overall is it a massive loss if you didnt do them
SryanBruen — 02/06/16
Not a massive loss but it could be easy marks awarded if you know the experiments.
adammmm32 — 02/06/16
Ok thanks and what chemical equations should I know?
sarahdaly7 — 02/06/16
Chemical equations for aerobic respiration photosynthesis oxygen carbon dioxide limestone sodium chloride zinc +hydrochloric acid
JCScenes — 02/06/16
The major experiment question usually take up 9% of the exam, you can still get an A without them but I'd advise you to have a simple knowledge of them
sophie544 — 02/06/16
What's the one for sodium chloride??
SryanBruen — 02/06/16
Exactly the ones Sarah said. If you give me your email, I will send you a picture of them all (WITH the actual chemical equations).
SryanBruen — 02/06/16
But I think she meant Sodium Hydroxide (Titration) instead of Sodium Chloride
sarahdaly7 — 03/06/16
Yeh I did xx
adammmm32 — 06/06/16
Uploading attachment...