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Jc science predioctions

Any predictions for Q3 6 9 on JC Science 2016

FukDaJC — 06/06/16
Q3 The penis Q6 toothpaste's role as a base Q9 Austrian lightbulbs
Amyburke — 10/06/16
^^^^ How are you so sure??
davidogrady — 10/06/16
— 10/06/16
given the name 'FukDaJC' i don't think they are sure haha not really any idea, as there is stuff from almost every chapter each year!
Amyburke — 11/06/16
It's strange how their account is removed now, I can't be sure whether it's because of their username or because they actually know the paper..
Whackojacko — 12/06/16
Separating mixtures Q6
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