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what do you have to learn outside the logbooka for physics

JCScenes — 15/06/16
Yeah anybody know
HamedahSafi — 15/06/16
are all the physics formulae in the log books?
SryanBruen — 15/06/16
Have a look here and see http://www.stclarescomprehensive.ie/PDF/Formulae%20&%20Tables.pdf
izbourke — 15/06/16
In the tables book: Pg61. R = V/I Pg57. P=F/A D=M/V Pg55. P=W/T W= F x D Pg54. M=F x D Pg8-10. Geometry NOT IN BOOK ........................ Acceleration = change / time taken Weight = Mass x 10 (N/kg) Speed = Distance / Time That's all that I know.. Please add :)
needhelp101 — 15/06/16
needhelp101 — 15/06/16
I just like triangles, I have terrible memory so they help
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