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    Most Important Experiments saoirseteahan

    What experiments are the most important and should we know all the mandatory experiments?? Thanks

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      you need to know all the mandatory experiments,some questions even come up about experiments that don't say mandatory in the school book

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      All the mandatory ones I think but they're never more than 12 marks so you shouldn't have to learn more than 3 or 4 points and a diagram for each one

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      The mandatory experiments are the ones you should know particularly well. Try using your Coursework A booklet to learn them off.

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      Photosynthesis one is very important as it often comes up - it didn't on my mock but it has in each paper I have done in my exam papers so far. Titration (acids & bases) is also extremely important but you don't need to know the whole experiment, it will never ask you of the full thing as it is complicated. Go through past exam questions and see what I mean! Plus the oxygen gas one is like Titration, it will never ask you on the full thing.

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      Thank you!!

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      Thank you!!

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