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    Physics Sarah123188

    Is it too hard to pick up science for leaving cert having not done science for my junior cert.i would be willing to study over the summer and I have done technology for my junior cert so that will help me with some aspects.

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      No it is not hard!!! You would be able to learn science very easily but there is a lot of studying involved!!!!

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      Second that. It's quite manageable provided you keep up. There's a good few definitions to learn off my heart and you'll need to learn experiments buts it's not hard just tedious. Having a basic standard of maths helps but mostly you just need to manipulate formulae. Overall a very doable subject.

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      its a good subject especially if you are in honours maths. i will probably do physics and applied maths i find really links in incase you want an extra subject to practise physics in

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      Thanks everyone,you have been very helpful.I think I am going to put in the work and do it :)

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