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Science cramming notes bc I am an idiot

I know nothing and if anyone could give me the most important things i need to know for the exam tomorrow that would great, pls help someone in need I failed my mocks and I need to have an entire years worth of classes learned off in one night

Niamh.murtxgh — 15/06/16
im the same :( im learning plants because it always comes up im learning the chemical bonding and electricity i also looked over a couple of the chemistry expirments because im useless at chemistry
needhelp101 — 15/06/16
Im considering reading a whole revise wise, but then again when does reading ever help anyone remember. I have a really good link for physics formulas >>> https://www.pinterest.com/pin/514817801126900249/
Bloniez — 15/06/16
Really recommend this website => http://www.juniorcertscience.com/ It's the basic's of every chapter in the book, helped a lot in my mocks :)
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