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    science exam 2016 barcelona

    how did ye find it? i thought i did okay. but i did evaporation instead of distilation as i didn't read the question very clearly. also was it an isotope of flourine. comment anwers below please. i was put under a lot of pressure from home and school to get an A grade so i really hop i do. is the usual marking scheme 3 marks?? also what did your graph look like?

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      My graph started low and gradually got higher, the last section went straight up though 👍🏼 I feel like I did better than I expected I would, I feel like I got a low A or a high B, either way the the coursework brought me up a lot! 😁

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      Yeah most are 3 marks, experiments usually 12 or 15

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      ya me too I thought my graph was completely off altogether. But not anymore thank you so much!!. I feel the same a low A or high B. i think the course work will bring me up a lot also. best of luck with the rest of the exams!!

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