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    science is really confusing alayna

    theres so much to learn in this can someone tell me how to revise?:(

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      Practice exam papers. Get a revision book and revise much shorter notes out of that such as Revisewise Science.

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      revise wise all the way everyday

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      Exam papers and marking schemes are vital. If you know how the questions are normally marked then you're good. I know for science subjects i would write essays of things to explains something. In actuallity its all short and concise and marking schemes help you know what is expected. and studyclix paid memebrship have both of these vailable

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      Exam papers are like the bible when it comes to science. I actually had very few notes and all I did were exam papers at least 3 times over and I ended up getting an A

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      Like Bengee said, get studyclix' paid membership. I got it Friday and it is 100% worth the 25 year (for the year!)

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      Believe it or not it's not too hard getting an A in jc higher science (if you put your mind to it!).

      The course works already give you some marks, and the science written paper has the advantage over other subjects that hardly ever do you need to go into much detail (basically, one word answers will do)

      As others said, exam papers are your new BFF. From my own experience I have to admit, I crammed science (please don't do it though :P), and ended up with an A. I divided it into the three sections: Bio, Chem and Physics and did one section a day from one particular year. It's easy to see what questions come up most often and also what your strengths and weaknesses are. Focus on what you don't get but what comes up often. Notes in the copy should be more helpful than ones in the book as they contain too much unnecessary detail. Do up your own flash cards of definitions you can't remember. Make sure you understand what you're learning and do just a tiny bit each night, gradually building up and you won't even notice when you have revised the whole course.

      Hope this helps, good luck :)

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