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    Science (Physics&Chemistry) lukebrn

    Starting engineering in September and I am available to give grinds in the physics and chemistry aspect of JC science.

    I have a full plan of each grinds session, I will give monthly tests to evaluate your progress and I have notes on every topic that I created myself over two years which summarise the subject, making it easier to comprehend. I also have exam answers for every question in the papers and can answer any other questions you have.

    Grinds cost €15/hour in my house and €20/hour if I have to travel to you (anywhere in Dublin.). Comment if you want grinds and I can give you my details

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      Will you be able to give grinds on the new science course for incoming first years in 2016?

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      Yes I will.

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      Hi I'm living in kildare, would there be any possibility of getting grinds from you?

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      Hi Liam, email me we can sort something out.

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      Hi Luke,

      Could you give me a ring at 087-9680399?

      Regards, Liam.

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