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    Scienceeeee Maee

    Does anyone have any predictions of what might come up this year??

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      Hate to break it to you, but Science is completely unpredictable as practically all aspects of the course are examined every year.

      So in other words: learn everything.

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      Its hard to predict experiments but these ones seem to come up most often....

      * To show a plant produces starch during photosynthesis (it came up in 2015 - unlikely)

      * Titration (Its likely to come up)

      * To show the presence of CO2 in air (it came up in 2015 - unlikely)

      * Chromatography (highly likely)

      * Distillation (likely)

      * Preparation of O2 (likely)

      Other possible experiments...

      * Seed Germination

      * Conditions necessary for rusting

      * To show CO2 is more dense than air

      I hope this helps :) (good luck)

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