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    Tables Book Jack22

    In my school, for our Mocks we are required to bring our own tables book for our maths exam, but what about science, I mean do we bring a tables book, in the actual exam, hence the Mocks?

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      For the actual jc exam u will be given a tables book but for the mocks u can just bring ur own tables book!

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      No, the supervisor should give you one just like the JC. STUDY2000 get your facts right

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      SryanBruen my facts are right for my maths exam I had to bring my tables book. It was not provided by supervisor

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      Well I can't bring me own!

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      Some schools require you to bring your own table book while others will supply you with one. This only applies to the mocks. In the real exam you will be supplied with one on request from your supervisor. If you bring your own into the mock your supervisor may request to look through it to see you haven't written anything in.

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