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    thoughts and opinions on exam and answers anyone? Oisink

    what did everyone get and think of exam?

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      I found it alright some questions threw me off. what did you do for the cardboard q in physics?

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      Very easy

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      i said to hang it on a retort stand and allow a piece of string to rest throughg it until a shadow is seen than draw a line through it and rotate the card and repeat several times

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      I thought it was okay, I just realised I did the wrong separation technique for the chemistry experiment but other than that I'm quite chuffed

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      It was an ok last exam for me. It made me really happy to end my junior cert on that last note. Good luck to the rest of you hahhhaaaa Gossip Girl Reruns here I come.

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      Luckyyyyyy my last exam is tomorrow

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      For the centre of gravity you can draw lines from all different corner and were they meet that's it

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      i thought biology was quite difficult

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      I thought Biology was the easiest gpren haha.

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      Honestly I thought the biology was a lot harder than other exam paper years

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      yh ik it was really wierd, questions on it had not ever come up before ,, guys what do u think if u got like 80 percent in the written,full marks on ur lab copy and an excellent coursework b like 140-150 what grade would i get

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      did everyone think it was easy or like me some bits were grand and some were impossible

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