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    Thoughts... HL Noah Thomas

    I thought it was easy! :) I finished it fairly quickly, and other people were saying that as well....

    What did you think?

    The separation experiment was distillation right? :)

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      Noah Thomas

      Check out my Youtube channel!!!!!

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      really good

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      Well I'm never really good at Science even though my teacher says I am, I found it hard. Probably because I have NO INTEREST in it whatsoever adds up to my difficulty of the subject. Anyway, I still fairly confident I got a pass - so at least I don't feel like I failed.

      Biology - Grand

      Chemistry - SOOOOO annoyingly hard (for me....)

      Physics - Meh...

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      For the sepeation I did the ion exchanger is the right?

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      *that right

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      I did Distillation... I don't know.

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      Yeah did ion exchanger too!

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      i dont think so its meant to be distillation.. ion exchange is to make water soft and take away the hard ions and replace them with soft ions such as sodium

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      But the question was about hard water

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      Was it not evaporation

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      It was distillation. I asked my teacher after the exam

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      i did seperation by using filtration paper and funnel is that wrong ???? anyone ?or will i get any marks

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      Oisink- it said to obtain pure water which can really only be done by distillation. My teacher said this year was the first they asked that. I found it easy to medium, biology was a tiny bit harder and chemistry was pretty easy

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      I said condensation with the liebig condenser?!?!?!!?!?

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      will I still get marks I messed it up with distilation

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      How is that Condensation Sarah?

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      I mixed it up

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      Oh wait I see your point never mind

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      will i get any marks??^^

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      it was distillation a stupid question and mistakes made by many students!! but i think marks will be awarded anyways

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      That experiment threw me off I did the wrong separation technique 🙃🙃

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      Oisink- it specifically asked for a /pure/ sample of water. Perhaps you may earn some marks but in my experience, my teacher never gave me any marks for the wrong experiment.

      And also, one of the third years in my school had a teacher that advised them not to study the distillation experiment. Therefore that whole year got the experiment wrong, thank satan I looked over it.

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      Which end of the battery does the LED meet to light up?

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      Yeah I said condensation as well instead of distillation... I did the the Liebig Condenser and everything but I don't know how many marks I'll get

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      I did write the distillation experiment but I just put a line through the diagram and I wrote the evaporation experiment at the back where it says extra work. Will I get full marks for the distillation experiment I wrote it all out with diagram and put a line through it. It's still visible, I'm just wondering

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      Ye probably

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      Ah okay then I'm good. I found the Chemistry and Physics very easy but the Biology was a bit hard, which I wasn't surprised because I don't like biology and all the plant shit. I prefer physics out of them all which is where I'm strongest.

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      Noah Thomas

      What I found weird was that no formulae were asked. Like the photosynthesis or HCl and NaOH. That made it easier in that sense for me :)

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      It was so easy

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      what was the substance used to neutralise the lemon

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      Could you have said a base neutralises lemon?? I thought an acid an base cancel each other out no? :)

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      Water is wrong. You can say a mild base like baking soda as lemon is a mild acid

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      Yeah I said Water also, I knew I was wrong. Ug_roland2504 is correct.

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      Guys distillation is the same as the liebig condenser.. I'm nearly sure anyway

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      U can use baking powder or sodium hydroxide..etc to neutralise the lemon

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