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    what did you think? Isabelle3b

    what did you think of the jc science?

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      Chemistry and Physics were fairly simple I thought however a few of the biology questions were slightly different than usual.

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      i thought biology was wayyyy easier than the other two.

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      Overall i thought it was okay☺️ But 4 the question on the eye.. Was it the pupil or the irish that it was pointing at? :/

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      Physics was easier than normal, because there were no definitions like the law of the lever or the moment of a force

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      for electrolysis i said dilute hydraulic acid

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      @Aibh I said iris

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      I actually thought it was hard, and I feel so stupid for getting Sodium23 wrong, like VERY WRONG. 😣

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      It went fairly well I thought it would have been worse! :]

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      it was actually really hard for me!!!

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      I thought it was awful!

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      It was terrible. Some of the questions weren't even on the syllabus ffs -_-

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      I done pretty bad in all of the experiments questions :(

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      I am a science teacher and yes it was a difficult paper in parts esp the biology section ,there were slants and looking for application of knowledge not rote learning.It was designed to catch out even strong pupils.Personally I'm not happy with parts of the paper even though I'm not teaching junior cert this year.It focused too much on smaller areas of the course.I predicted water coming though , it's amazing they are not sticking water into every exam this year.

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      caoimhe walsh

      It was hard..

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      did anyone get that answer for if heat had to be added to or removed to solid ice at 0C to change it to a liquid but stay at the same temperature? i had no idea and just guessed

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      I got the water treatment question completely right though. Some parts were definately difficult though

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      Amyb101 I said added to it because latent heat is needed to change state and not the temperature

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      thanks granners

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      It was the iris

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      Roberto Mane

      @Granners I said for the same for that latent heat question

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      If I got approx 82% in the written, is it possible to get an a when I include a good coursework and a full lab copy. I just want to know what to expect so I won't be disappointed

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      I said the same for the ice q. too @granners @roberto mane

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      youd probably get an A then cathy20155

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