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    Whats for definite on Science if you wanna past it and know nothing Aaron_2590


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      Electricity is for sure.

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      Cross.phx do you know anything else

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      It's not possible to predict what exactly will come up for us in science because science has a LOT of topics. Sorry, not wanting to stress you out. But I would start off by learning off a few questions that came up from each of the topics that CAME UP EVERY YEAR so far. Maybe take a look in the contents of your exam papers and literally even go through all these topics and the questions from them: Acids/Bases, Atmosphere, Work/Power/Energy, Heat, Light and Uses and Effects of Electricity.

      Note: all these came up EVERY YEAR. 😊👍

      Wish you the best of luck!

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      the chapter on the plants ^^

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      nothing lol

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      Hydrocarbons or Acid Rain has come up every year for the past 10 years so there's something

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      Ecology is very very likely

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      Bonding will probably come up, Metals is nearly definite, Force and Moments is also likely, Energy, Refraction of Light

      Just listing off some things I wrote down in my copy that would most likely come up after looking through past papers and noticing these things come up every year and might skip an odd year ;)

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