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    What's the difference between Ordinary and Higher Level in Junior Cert ? Which one is easier ? Please give some ideas as I'm teri Stargirl

    What is the difference in Ordinary and Higher Level ? Which one is better for Junior Cert ?

    Please help me as I'm terrible in Science .

    Which one should I do best ,

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      Unless you're failing I wouldn't drop it. All my LC Science teachers as in BIO,CHEM and PHYS said that you don't even need to do science for JC to do higher for LC but obviously it will be harder. The ordinary level exam has pretty similar questions only that they will tell you exactly what to do while with the higher level paper you need to think for yourself and practise doing papers a lot

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      Ok, thanks for the advice

      Also, what kind of questions would u get , and if u fail it , would the teachers put u into a ordinary class in LC Science

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      Hi Kagami, I

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      Trish Mulcahy


      What level are you doing now? How badly are you doing in the exams? If its less than 30% then Ord Level is for you. Otherwise you need to practice lots and lots of exam questions. Try to complete 15 mins revision 2 or 3 times a week to help improve your grades.

      Ord Level for JC does not automatically put you in Ord Level for LC but you would be at a disadvantage when compared to others who did H Level for JC

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      Reece Mulhall

      You get a lot more points in lc if you do higher

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      Reece Mulhall

      Can get more points in leaving cert if you do higher level. Not that much in the difference for junior cert. Science is more just memory so try learn it off like a language

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