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    how do I form sentences? estellescorpio2

    I really need help in how to form Spanish sentences. I am doing higher level Spanish and when I am practicing how to write e-mails, letters etc. I have no idea what to write? Does anybody know any good websites I can visit to expand my vocabulary or does anyone have any tips?

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      yeah there is a thing called "google translate". It really works , you should check it out

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      jade selo

      that's bad out haha ...don't use google translate cuz u don't learn anything practise everyday and try get your teacher to focus more on your work. the verbs are the key :)

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      Hey the guy who posted this! Don't mind the other two people. What you need to do if buy Less Stress More Succes that gives you all the tools you need to be able to expand your vocab, sample answers and basically everything. I also am very good at Spanish so if you'd like more help just ask!!

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      hahhahah yeah she is right u should try less stress more success or revise wise :)

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      I agree a bit with both...Google translate will only make you speak silly spanish and revision books, any of them are helpful. Learn sentences for the letter that you can use again.

      Example... Gracias por tu carta

      Me gustaría ir a...

      Prefiría ser ...

      No me gustan...

      El verano que viene voy a...

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      AtIq NaJm 123

      LOL don't do Spanish

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      You really don't want to say what that jilipolla above me said.

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      Norton ya marricon

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