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    Investigation for 2017 Junior Cert debbien246


    Investigate quantitatively, at room temperature, the effect of dilution on the pH of

    (i) vinegar,

    (ii) a solution containing 5 g washing soda per litre of water,

    (iii) a solution containing 5 g sucrose per litre of water.

    Does anyone know how to do this and how I would write a method for this and a graph

    Would love tips on, and how to do the booklet

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      Just copy someone else's booklet..... Worked for me.... I got an A

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      Why u posting this in Spanish JCERT Section ????

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      Eve smith

      dont copy someone elses you wont get ur marks teachers and examiners know if you did

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      @debbien246 they hve the guidelines to help u to do this science booklet on the internet, it explains what u have to write for each part, it helped me a lot. it also tells u the marks u get if it is in detail.

      P.S just say guidelines for jc booklet 2017 and it will come up.

      Hope that helps

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      I chose this investigation aswell and one tip would be write down EVERYTHING you did like everything. A lot of marks are going for the evaluation section near the end so if I were you go into a lot of detail, explaining how the dilution of does not effect the ph of all 3 substances any other questions feel free to ask about .

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      Haven't been on studyclix sorry guys only seeing this now

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      @flashgut in my school you can't copy someone else and ha sorry I made a mistake tried to delete it wouldn't let me is jc science easy??

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      @rachel4life tried that ages ago it was useless

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      Anyone have any jc sample booklet for this chemistry investigation , any help please

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