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    Letter tips? geographing

    Any tips for the letter that could help to go from C standard to B?

    I know the address, date, querida/o and know the tenses fairly well.

    Any sentences or anything i could throw in there for a few extra marks ?

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      prepare a good intro and outro for the letter and learn it off well... make sure you have everything spelt right, the examiner would be impressed since the intro and outro wraps up the letter

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      Menos mal- thankfully

      Tener + que - to have to

      Lo pasar bien - to have a good time

      Sacar fotos - to take photos

      Bueno, eso es todo - well thats all for now

      No te olvides de escribir me - dont forget to write to me

      Espero + infinitive - I hope to

      Pienso + infinitive - i intend to

      Creo que fue - i thought it was

      Creo que es - i think it is

      Podría(s) - i (you) could

      ir al aeropuerto a buscarte - collect you at the airport

      ver los sitos - see the sites

      probar la comida irlandesa/espanola - try irish/spanish food

      ahorrar dinero - save money

      mejorar tu inglés/mi espanol- improve your English/my Spanish

      ensenar(te/me) la ciudad/pueblo - show you around the city/town

      Si vienes podríamos - if you come we could

      hacer surf - go surfing

      visitar el mueso - visit the museum

      alquilar un DVD - rent a DVD

      jugar al tenis/fútbol/etc - play tennis/football/etc

      ir - to go (try not to over use the verb ir this is very common and makes the letter boring)

      al teatro - to the theatre

      de compras - go shopping

      a un concierto - go to a concert

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