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    Nice phrases? cc_16

    Does anyone know any nice phrases or words that I could use in my letter to impress the examiner?

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      Looking for some aswell

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      Menos mal- thankfully

      Tener + que - to have to

      Lo pasar bien - to have a good time

      Sacar fotos - to take photos

      Bueno, eso es todo - well thats all for now

      No te olvides de escribir me - dont forget to write to me

      Espero + infinitive - I hope to

      Pienso + infinitive - i intend to

      Creo que fue - i thought it was

      Creo que es - i think it is

      Podría(s) - i (you) could

      ir al aeropuerto a buscarte - collect you at the airport

      ver los sitos - see the sites

      probar la comida irlandesa/espanola - try irish/spanish food

      ahorrar dinero - save money

      mejorar tu inglés/mi espanol- improve your English/my Spanish

      ensenar(te/me) la ciudad/pueblo - show you around the city/town

      Si vienes podríamos - if you come we could

      hacer surf - go surfing

      visitar el mueso - visit the museum

      alquilar un DVD - rent a DVD

      jugar al tenis/fútbol/etc - play tennis/football/etc

      ir - to go (try not to over use the verb ir this is very common and makes the letter boring)

      al teatro - to the theatre

      de compras - go shopping

      a un concierto - go to a concert

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      @helpme101 thanks a million! Really appreciated

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      Dile a tus padres hola de mi parte - Tell your parents hello on my part

      Lo pasé bomba - I had a great time

      Espero que todo esté bien - I hope all is good

      Muchas gracias por escribime - Thank you very much for writing

      Me encanta leer tus cartas porqué aprendo mucho - I love to read your cards because I learn a lot

      Escribime pronto - Write to me soon

      Besos y abrazos - Kisses and hugs (Its a common way of saying goodbye at the end of a letter in Spain, I learnt from an exchange)

      El veintiuno de mayo - The 21st of May (my teacher said its a good impression to use the date of the exam)

      Es escencial - Its essential

      Tengo que terminar ahora - I have to finish now

      Pero, antes ledigo mis noticias - But, before I tell you my news

      Es imprescindible - Its vital

      I hope this helps, buenas suerte :)

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      @feery muchas gracias por tu ayuda :) this will help a lot! good luck to you too!

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