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    tech graph- worth the stress? ab_01

    tg exam tomorrow, any tips?

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      11ND - CCM

      Ok, I know I'm late but just respond anyway:

      I did my exam and was the only one in the year to finish. Clearly this means that above all there is a timing problem for most people. Timings to obey would be 15 minutes for 10 short questions (no more!) and 40 minutes for each long question (no more!!). You should have 5-10 minutes to go back at the end then to go back and finish short questions and do some shading to improve marks.

      I really do advise having an idea of what questions you want to do before you go in. For me, I like the orthographic (question 1), solids in contact (question 4), transformations (question 5) and conics sections (question).

      I do think TG is a do-able subject and although it is a tough exam you just need to stick to timings and try your best and you'll do well :) I hope you stick with it!

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      I agree. Timing was also an issue for me in the junior cert. Just don't panic like i did when i started to figure out that i was going to run out of time. We actually got 15 mins more time to finish during the junior cert.

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      Just try your best, if you cant solve a question, move onto the next one and come back to it, remember attempt marks on every question is better than no marks at all. If it helps leave title blocks on sheets until your done, as they use up unncecarry time you could be spending on the question, and as said above, watch your timing.

      best of luck

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      Maybe, in the actual Junior Cert, start with the long questions. They are worth more marks, and it's better to run out of time in the short questions than in the long questions. It wont be great if you spend too much time in the short questions during the start of the exam, because you wont be able to complete the long questions in time (and you would lose a lot of marks). If you leave the short questions to the very end, you would be able to answer them quick and you would lose less marks if you run out of time in the short questions.

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      Start with the easy short questions, any that are difficult leave til the end after the long Q's, don't waste time on them. I always had time issues but in the actual JC you've enough time if you do your hw and practice the questions. I was getting C's through the exams and then got an A in the JC in HL

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      In my junior Cert, we actually got extra time to finish off my exam(15 mins approx)!!! Timing is always a big issue in tech graph. If you find a question really awkward, just skip it after 5 minutes of attempting it

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      if you're running out of time just pick a question and draw what you see. Examiners have to give you attempt marks for it.

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