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    Cash flow mary67c2016

    Cash flow is my least favourite topic and I've noticed it has come up as a 60 marker and a 100 marker the past 2 years so what are the chances of it coming up . Planning on the 120 marker but I'm not doing ratios is it too risky to leave it out ??

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      It was in section 2 last year doubt it will be again this year. I'm not doing ratios either but I'm not going to bother with cahflows as we done them in early 5th year and I can't remember them too well.

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      Im leaving it out, but im just looking over it to have a general jist of how to do it if worse comes to worse. To be honest, i cant see it coming up.

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      im in the exact same position as you...i hate them altogether but im also leaving out going tl have a quick look over them maybe monday morning but cant really see them coming up but then again you dont know cause they are trying to make the papers less predictable!

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      Thinking of having a look over just in case this could be the year they put on a topic 2 years in row would love to see club published service or suspense

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