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    JC to LC JCScenes

    Hi guys, what parts of the JC Accounting is used in the LC Accounting course? I heard a bunch of it is scrapped

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      Club Accounts, Cash Budgets, Final Accounts, etc. It's all interrelated. LC Accounting is just a more intense version of JC Business with lots of little details to take account of if you're doing higher level.

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      @Joy_9245 would you recommend it? What do you think of it?

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      I had my doubts in doing accounting for the leaving cert while I was in third year but I took the chance and didn't look back. I really loved the accounts in the junior cert because of how easy my teacher made them seem. I got an A in higher level business JC. In fifth year, I had the same teacher for accounting. and honestly? I find accounting quite boring but I like it if that makes sense? It's challenging but if you understand why the figures are going into a certain section of the account then you're far ahead than most of the class. I really like Accounting because I love numbers, not that project maths bull. But I recently moved to a different school, and I have a pretty shit teacher in this new school. I'm doing my leaving cert in 2017 and decided to do grinds for accounting because of the situation. I still love the subject, it's probably the one subject I feel most confident in achieving the highest grade. I'm thinking of pursuing Accounting and Finance in College. I think my answer is a little bias.

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      I always did good in accounting that's why I feel very bias. I've never gotten a grade lower than 95%, maybe because of the excellent teacher I had in 5th year that I will forever miss? lmao. but If you're good with numbers and feel like problem solving is your thing then I say go for it. It's really easy to understand once the teacher shows you a few tutorials on how to tackle a particular account. If you need any help in the future in regards to accounting, maybe approach me by email ( ) and I'd be happy to help you out.

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      @Joy_9245 I'm the same now in TY, I loved Accounting for the JC particularly Final Accounts and Club Accounts etc. I'm so doubtful now that it's going to be a complete other story next year. I'm already planning on doing heavy subjects so doing this would be a break from all the write learning I thought. I excelled most in Accounting. Always balanced everything above my JC class. Higher grades in Business than the rest of my class. Would you say this is a good foundation for it?

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      That's an excellent foundation. You'll fly through Accounting then. It's honestly the easiest subject I've chosen. You'll love it, I promise! The exam paper is literally just filled with accounts. I know some teachers emphasise the theory as well when it comes to who'll get an A or a B but there's only small parts of theory included that you'll be able to do without learning the theory because it's mostly to do with the accounts. I suggest you go for it because since you got everything to balance during the JC then you'll find accounting very easy too, just like me :)

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      Thank you!! @Joy_9245

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