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    OL Predictions Student3246754

    Q1. Departmental

    Q5. Interpretation

    Q6or7. Cash Flow

    Q8. Marginal Costing

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      What are your predictions?

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      Q.1 Departmental or Manufacturing (Departmental came up on the Examcraft mock) (Manufacturing came up on DEB) Both are due up so who knows which company got it right! Usually the mock papers for accounting nearly resemble the actual paper at both levels,

      Q.2, 3, 4

      Control Accounts, Service Firms, Company Accounts, Depreciation and Revaluation

      Control Accounts are due up this year and they came up on both mocks so maybe! Excellent question to do as you are nearly sure that you will get 50/60 or higher for s student who knows his/hers stuff

      The rest of them is a fair chance

      Q. 5 Interpretation

      Q.6, 7 Cash Flow

      Q9 Cash Budget or Production

      50/50 with these two, the new writer for accounting is mixing things up over the last number of years even though cash is due up doesn't mean it will!

      But it came up in the mocks on both papers!

      Examcraft mock's Cash Budget was tricky and it had a theory question in it so I would not be surprised if it made an appearance like that!

      So my advice is before Monday drill Q, 5, 6, 9 as they are easier to get 100% in these than in section 1.

      Practice the Workings for Q1, ALL THE WORKINGS ARE THE SAME ACROSS ALL Q1'S !!! Not many students notice it!

      Then unfortunately, you'll have to learn off the layouts a good way to do this for layout you have learned off correctly after writing it out, take a shot of vodka it will make things more bearable!!!!!

      Good Luck

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      Thanks! What about question 8?

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