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    Opinions on paper? timmy_x


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      100% the worst paper I have ever done

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      Thank god I wasn't alone!

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      So unfair the way they are changing the questions .. as though the subject wasnt hard enough

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      What did ye think of the suspense?

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      I didn't do suspense

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      Suspense was shitty

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      I literally only got 2 of them😭

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      Half my class came out of the exam crying

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      The budget went well! One of the few times I got to the end without giving up on the trading acc xD

      Q1 was ok for me, less daunting than I thought.

      I did Q5 and Q7 tho I'm sure I made many mistakes :P

      Overall not bad! Hoping for a C!

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      That was so shit! I'm usually really good at the suspense accountsbut that one was awful! I only got like 2 right I'd say! :((I'm so angry at the SEC! They've messed up every exam for me without fail by changing all the formats and questions !they really aren't fair at all this year to anyone!

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      I don't even want to continue my life after that exam..Absolutely disgusting

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      Suspense was cruel. Got an A in mocks and was aiming for one again but not after that!

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      Does anyone think the marking scheme will be more generous seeing as lots of people found it tough?

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      I'm the exact same are you ciara, I 89 in the mocks and have been working really hard to improve since and I came out of that exam today questioning whether or not I passed😩

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      Don't know maybe, hard to see in accounting though how you could mark the suspense easier, it's either right or wrong. Manufacturing was quite different to other years too

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      thought suspense was alright, anyone balance at 775500?

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      Nah, 775720 although I'm not confident with that

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      i think i got 775720 too ! Lovely paper, very accessible not sure how people found it difficult ! I think it was one of the easiest accounting papers ever to be honest!

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      dont know what youre on about ciats because there was a twist in nearly every question :( aimer i couldnt agree with you more, as if we dont work hard enough for 5th and 6th year and then they give shitty exam papers like that :( dont see how they could mark genorously in accounting tbh! fair angry cause accounting is one of my best

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      Everyone in our school was delighted

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      did you put contingent liability into the published or did you just leave it as a note? for the club did you put the bad debt as just an expense or was it an expense and also in the bar profit and loss??

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      Question 8 was great, there were a few curveballs everywhere like but you'll still get most of the marks

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      You had to put the lawsuit into the balance sheet as well as make a note

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      aw shit i didnt put it in :( im looking for an A1 like but think that could be gone now :/ for Q8 did you divide them both by machine hours or did you divide one by machine hours and the other by labour hours???

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      I did machine and labour anyways, I messed published up too with the lawsuit, it was a tough one

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      What did people do for the suspense in q1 and also the wage increase of 5%?

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      ya i did production 1 divided by machine hrs and production 2 by labour hours

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      I thought it was tome

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      I increased wages and made a wages due for current liabilities

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      For the suspense in Q1 did anyone add 10,000 to creditors?

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      I just got 5%of each sales revenue and added that to the 10,000 for each month

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      what did you increase it by? did you not have to divide it by 12 and then multiply by 6 since it was 6 months

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      Yeah I just divided by 2 which is the same thing. And i added 10000 too Aimee

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      I added 10,000 as well, there was no depreciation on buildings?

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      I only added 5,000 ugh

      Could anyone explain the bank statement in q1? I was 100 off and i couldnt get it to balance

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      There was no dep on buildings

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      No there wasn't Aaron, no point talking about it lads, it's over now! Let's forget about it 😂

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      The bank ended up with 38300 for me I think in the working as a cl

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      lc8/6/16 that's what I did as well! did you get 18.88 for production 1? (I can't remember what I got for production 2 though)

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      I got 19.19 I think for prod 1 ..I could have added wrong though

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      What did people get for the net profit in the incomplete records??

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      anybody do the club account?

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      Probably one of the easiest papers over the last few years, nailed it

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