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    substitute teacher is bad! Nualaod

    Help! Our usual accountancy teacher has just gone on maternity relief (she won't be back until after Easter) and the substitute teacher doesn't have a clue! She expects us to be able to go from doing ordinary level questions to higher level without explaining the tougher questions. We have been on the same topic now for about a month and we still don't know what's going on!

    Is there any crash courses/ work shops for accountancy on the October midterm?

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      The Institute courses are really good, they're on during holidays or they run night classes on friday nights which they cover the whole course in over the year

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      yeah i do them on saturdays we just started final accounts today , if to book it and are afraid you'll get lost because its been on a few weeks the teacher is very good he'll sort you out with all the notes you missed and talk you through everything you don't understand

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