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    Pre Tomorrow Xtina Murphy

    What to learn for Ag? especially Plant and the Animal Physiology part? :)

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      We only had a few questions had no ques 7 or 9 done it two days ago not sure If it was deb or what. She's corrected it and given us out results but we haven't got the paper back yet

      Q1 babesia

      Nitrogen functions effects of too much

      Plant families of beet dock etc

      2 bacteria viral and fungal infections

      Q2 soil I didn't do it but was soil index and exper testing a soil for nitrogen

      Q3 I done the option with the catch crop just learn adv and all about it, compare slurry and fym

      Q4 expers learn milk hygiene and certified seed and flocculation can't remember the last one

      Q5 pigs- integrated unit and temps what to do to a newborn bonham fcr what it is and what causes bad fcr

      Q6 orf and footrot bit on dairy too to keep milk from being contaminated

      Q8 suckler weights biosecurity health and feeding during first 6months

      Can't remember anything else sorry😁

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      Xtina Murphy

      That's Loads thank you :)

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