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    Ag Project Aisling1998

    Do you really need a LOT of pictures in the project?? I took a few when I was at the farm for the first visit but the farmer doesn't want me going all over the farm to take pictures. Help ?

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      I was wondering the same thing, also can they not be from the Internet??

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      I was told they couldn't come from the internet because it's not your own work but I don't know what else to do so

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      The project is marked by your teacher. Ask him/her how many photos you need and say that if it's hard for you to get them could you use the internet.

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      My teacher said that pictures are far more important than writing. examiners like to see that you have been out out on the farm doing the practical stuff, so get pictures of you milking cows or tagging a calf, feeding calves etc.

      Try to avoid pictures from the internet!

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      Really it is dependent on the teacher as they are marking it so just ask. They will know best because I imagine if you are in a school in the city they can't expect you to go to the countryside to find a farm

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      Oh I didn't realise the teacher marks it, thanks!

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      Your teacher marks it but when the examiner comes in he can bring the grade up or down

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      the more pictures the better, our teacher told us. some examiners rip our your photos to make sure they're your own photos and you havnt taken them from anyone one else, it depends on the examiners

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