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    Help Help Help---Urgent Please!! Stephanie K

    Hey guys, so I'm in 5th year going into 6th. I find Ag science extremely hard, I don't do biology! Would anyone be able to give me tips on how to improve my grades and any helpful tips on how to study Ag as I find it very hard! My teacher is very good but it's just not my type of subject! Really appreciate any advice! Btw I need to get a high B to an A in my LC next year thanks

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      Just study the shit out of it and youll be grand

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      Firstly I'd say,start exam papers now, that should really help you focus on the important parts of the course. You can also look up any topics that you are finding hard on Youtube, there are plenty of videos up about biology that cross over with ag. :)

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      Read the chapter and answer the questions at the end of it. Move on to past papers after that. Ag science isn't that bad so if you do that then you could get at least a high B

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      i heard the revise wise book is suppost to be very good!

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      Pull a farmer

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      Stephanie K

      Thanks very much everyone that gave me useful advice 😀

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      cliona xxx

      The revise rewise book is brilliant. I would advise you to get it if you can and then the farmers journal ag science pull out every week

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      M scheme know what points they want,study like fuck. Only way around it, came into 6th yr thinking i could only get anl B2 now in the A bracket espeically cos of the folder!!

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