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Predictions please
Chloe17 Leaving Cert Agricultural Science — 23/06/16 11

Does anyone have any predictions for this years Ag Exam? Thanks.

James Lafferty — 22/06/16
Sheep , Beef , Barley , Pigs , Silage , soil , Carbon Cycle
Chloe17 — 22/06/16
Thank you!
dylanmimna — 22/06/16
Doing predictions for AG and Applied Maths tonight on Snapchat. Will also put up notes if there is enough interest. Snapchat ; donal_mccabe
aisling_kelliher — 22/06/16
genetics and 1 crop will be there as always too
Ghghghgh — 22/06/16
how to rape a cow
Fintan_7074 — 22/06/16
Ronan1223 also does predictions on snapchat, has been pretty good for me !
dylanmimna — 22/06/16
ronan1223 is doing predictions tonight not donal_mccabe for ag
surma — 22/06/16
If any one wants any help im happy to help you out my dads a teacher snap : ronan1223
aoife7 — 23/06/16
So not add Ronan1223
aoife7 — 23/06/16
Waste of time
Joecronin97 — 23/06/16
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A720d2VXmFc Predictions by a fella on youtube
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