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    Project Crops daire676

    What crops will I choose for my project? I honestly haven't a clue which ones I should do!?

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      Potatoes and Barley.

      These are very common in the exam so you will be hitting two birds with the one stone.

      Also you only have to do one in REALLY good detail. I did potatoes and I did everything that could be asked for the interview and exam. Make sure you have A LOT of photos

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      Ok! Thanks!! I heard if you grow them yourself you do better is it true!?

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      Yes it's true I did that way for my project last year got 98 for the full project pictures detail and its asked in the exam potatoes it was asked last year

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      If you have any more questions let me know

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      Of any of the project

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      Is barley a good crop to grown on its own! A in potatoes would grow but would Barley?

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      See if you are in 6th year you wont have time to grow them. But if you are in 5th, they are really easy to grow as long as the birds dont get the seed. You should be able to get the seeds for barley and potatoes at any farm centre

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      Michelle how did you get such a good mark, do they give full marks once you have all the headings covered?

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      Ya once you have all the headings covered and information

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      do they penalise if its not neat? and what did you do for the farm layout bit, well done on the mark by the way!

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      Liam Doughan

      I would replace one or the other with grassland and silage production. I have many students who have done the barley and the spud option but from experience the grassland one relates better to your animal section. Especially when it comes to feeding and grazing systems which you may have discussed.

      From attending courses directed by practical exam officials, neatness is not the be all and end all. But you are to rnsure that this is a personal project and not copied from a previous year or a book etc.. To ensure that this is achieved they recommend that students insert many ''real'' pictures and also plenty of ''selfies'' to show you completed the tionscadal.

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      Thank you i roughly had 85 pages i included alot of detail for the project i included alot of pictures For the farm layout it is said you must do it on a3 which is hard to go by so I did it on a4 you must include water ways road ways sheds cattle shed the crush slurry pit if you have one on your farm barns what ever you have on your farm yard put it in

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