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    Project starting tips!! c.murtagh

    I'm a 5th year student having to start my project for the leaving cert. i was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on where and how to start because im a little bit overwhelmed and confused at the moment!

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      Attached is a one page document showing the main headings that you might use for your project. Remember it will have three sections:

      1. One Livestock animal (Beef cattle/Dairy Cattle/Sheep

      2. One Crop (maybe grassland)

      3. A second crop (maybe Potato or whatever)

      and finally you need to include two A3 sketched of a farm layout

      attachment QuickGuide.doc

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      make your project unique to your farm, don't copy and paste everything. like for crop 2 do something different compared to rest of class e.g. if most people are doing potatoes, you should do cabbage. get plenty of photos especially with you in them doing something like digging ridges. start each section with an introduction, then about said crop/livestock then family name of crop, soil type, soil testing, seedbed prep. pH etc.

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