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    Project Work ollie.xo

    Can anyone help me out on whats to go into the animal and plant scrapbook thing? my teacher hasn't explained it to us at all


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      for plants do up your own table for plant identification, if you know those plants the examiner is more likely to ask you the ones in your project, also you need to crops such as potatoes and silage etc.

      for animals you need everything there is from the birth of the animal to the slaughter of the animal. the care of the calf is extremely important so make sure you put that in, also all the animal husbandry.

      and if you can do a diary of every month on the farm to give them an over view of what is done on the farm then go inot detail of each month

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      hi does any one know what headings you need for the ecology section of the project

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      Ecology is not a necessary part as no marks are given for it the only necessary ecology needed is the experiments

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