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Total marks

I was googling how Ag Science was marked and it said that 25% is allocated to the project etc and 75% is for the written. Our teacher told me that I got between 80 and 90 marks out of 100 in the project so say if I got 80, then I would have 20% of the total paper before I sit my exam. Does that mean if I get a pass in the written paper, that the 40% from the written is added to the 20% from the project, I will have 60% as my final grade. I'm really confused so if someone can answer this please! I'm basically asking is the result from the written paper added to the result from the practical. Thanks!

jade1999_x — 19/06/16
I'm doing my junior cert but I do music and it works the same with a 25% practical and 75% paper. Yes, as far as I know, the marking works as they marks for the project - 100 marks (25%) is added to the total of the written paper. So you have 80/90 out of 400 already and thats around 20% already - this means you need to get the marks to add up to 40% of 400 (not sure what that is) Again, im only doing my junior cert so I'm not sure but as far as I know that's how its marked
jackfitzpatrick18 — 19/06/16
Thanks! :)
Ror98 — 20/06/16
The project is out of 100 and the written is out of 300, so if you got 80 in your project and scraped a pass in your written (120/300 marks) you'd get 50%. (120+80=200 200/400 = 50%)
Sinéad_9077 — 21/06/16
Best of luck Jack
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