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    help Sedgwick

    So at this moment in time i am probably going to fail, however i havr two days, what can i do to learn some maths? Hoe best can i manipulate the log tables and what options ehould i learn? (I'm good at maths so at this point not failing is vaguely plausible however advice would be useful)

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      You haven't done anything?

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      I've been pretty intensely sick the last two years

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      You could do UAM, relative velocity, collisions, projectiles, circular motion & connected particles.

      I'd suggest to start with UAM and connected particles as they're the easiest of the bunch. They're the easiest I've found in the entire course. Topics like projectiles look difficult if you look at it from the outside but if you try and understand what's going on, you just have to learn how to do it once and you're fine for all future questions.

      Our teacher doesn't encourage us in using the log tables for applied maths so I don't really know how to manipulate them for applied maths.

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      Ok cool thanks :)

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      It has to develop your skills over such a short period of time

      But you can learn how to make equations and do some subbing in the formula

      Hopefully you will get some attempt marks

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      drop me a snap and ill elp you ronan1223

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